CISA Review Manual 2010英文原版书扫描

CISA Review Manual 2010英文原版书扫描

CISA Review Manual 2010英文原版书扫描件下载,CISA Review Manual 2010英文原版书扫描452页,CISA Review Manual 2010英文原版书扫描


The CISA Review Manual 2010 is a comprehensive reference guide designed to assist individuals in preparing for the CISA exam and individuals who wish to understand the roles and responsibilities of an information systems auditor. The manual has evolved over the past editions and now represents the most current, comprehensive, globally peer-reviewed information security management resource available.

The CISA Review Manual 2010 features a new format. Each of the six chapters has been divided into two sections for focused study. The first section of each chapter contains the definitions and objectives for the six areas, with the corresponding tasks performed by information systems (IS) auditors and knowledge statements (required to plan, manage and perform IS audits) that are tested on the exam.

Section One is an overview that provides:
Definitions for the six areas
Objectives for each area
Descriptions of the tasks
A map of the relationship of each task to the knowledge statements
A reference guide for the knowledge statements, including the relevant concepts and explanations
References to specific content in Section Two for each knowledge statement
Sample practice questions and explanations of the answers
Suggested resources for further study
Section Two consists of reference material and content that supports the knowledge statements. Material included is pertinent for CISA candidates knowledge and/or understanding when preparing for the CISA certification exam. In addition, the CISA Review Manual 2010,includes brief chapter summaries focused on the main topics and case studies to assist candidates in understanding current practices. Also included are definitions of terms most commonly found on the exam.

This manual can be used as a stand-alone document for individual study or as a guide or reference for study groups and chapters conducting local review courses.

The 2010 edition has been developed and is organized to assist candidates in understanding essential concepts and studying the following job practice areas:
IS audit process
IT governance
Systems and infrastructure life cycle management
IT service delivery and support
Protection of information assets
Business continuity and disaster recovery
检讨手册回顾2010年的 CISA 手册是一个全面的参考指南旨在协助个人系统审计师在编制和个人的CISA考试谁希望了解信息的作用和责任的。该手册已演变在过去的版本和现在代表了最新,全面的,全球同行审查的信息安全管理的资源可用。

回顾2010年的 CISA 手册采用了新的格式。六个章节都有被分为两部分进行集中学习。每一章的第一部分包含了六个领域的定义和目标,与信息系统(执行相应的任务IS)的审计师和知识的陈述(要求来规划,管理和执行的IS审计)是对考试进行测试。






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