Chapter 3
Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

Business Realization
Project Management Structure
Project Management Practices
Business Application Development
Alternative Application Development Approaches
Alternative Forms of Software Project Organization
Alternative Development Methods
Infrastructure Development/Acquisition Practices
Information Systems Maintenance Practices
System Development Tools and Productivity Aids
Process Improvement Practices
Application Controls
Auditing Application Controls
Auditing Systems Development, Acquisition and Maintenance
Business Application Systems

Project Organizational Forms
3 major forms of organizational alignment for project management can be observed:
Influence project organization – the project manager has only a staff function without formal management authority
Pure project organization – the project manager has formal authority over those taking part in the project
Matrix project organization – management authority is shared between the project manager and the department heads
Requests for major projects should be submitted to, and prioritized by, the IS steering committee.
The project manager should be identified and appointed by the IS steering committee.



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