ACCA F3历年试题大全(2002年-2007年)

ACCA F3历年试题大全(2002年-2007年)

4 A property company received cash for rent totalling $838,600 in the year ended 31 December 2006.
Figures for rent in advance and in arrears at the beginning and end of the year were:
31 December 2005 31 December 2006
$ $
Rent received in advance 102,600 88,700
Rent in arrears (all subsequently received) 42,300 48,400
What amount should appear in the company’s income statement for the year ended 31 December 2006 for rental
A $818,600
B $738,000
C $939,200
D $858,600
5 Which one of the following journal entries is correct according to its narrative?
Debit Credit
$ $
A Mr Smith personal account 100,000
Directors’ remuneration 100,000
Bonus allocated to account of
managing director (Mr Smith)
B Purchases 14,000
Wages 24,000
Repairs to buildings 38,000
Transferring cost of repairs to buildings
carried out by company’s own
employees, using materials
from inventory.
C Discounts allowed 2,800
Discounts received 2,800
Correction of error: discounts
allowed total incorrectly
debited to discounts received
D Suspense account 20,000
Rent receivable 10,000
Rent payable 10,000
Correction of error: rent received
credited in error to rent
payable account.
3 [P.T.O.
Paper 1.1INT
Paper 1.1INT



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