2009年12月ACCA考试P1冲刺串讲 – Paper P1 Professional Accoun

2009年12月ACCA考试P1冲刺串讲 – Paper P1 Professional Accountant REVISION COURSE PDF

Paper P1 Professional Accountant REVISION COURSE

For Dec. 2009 Exam

Lecturer: Mr. Chen

ACCA Paper P1
Professional Accountant
Core Areas & Relevant Questions

Corporate Governance
z The fundamental principles underlying good corporate governance. You may be asked
to define and explain any of the core principles of corporate governance, for examples
transparency/ openness was examined in Q1(a) in the December 2007 exam.
z Governance. In both exams so far the examiner has described a scenario where there is
an international conference discussing some aspect of corporate governance.
z The question requirements usually then require a discussion of two contrasting points of
view in respect of governance, Rules v principles or for and against harmonization of
corporate governance codes.
z The corporate governance best practice. You are likely to be given a scenario which
describes a business with poor corporate governance and be asked to assess its
corporate governance practices. ( June 2008 exam, question 3,and December 2008
exam question 3)
z Role and composition of various committees (December 2008 exam Q2)

Internal control and risk management
z Identification and assessment of business risk and/or a review of internal control
mechanisms. In sittings to date the examiner has asked for risks in the scenario to be

identified and then either assessed or a suitable risk response identified, (June 2008
exam, question 1(b) and (c) and December 2008 question 2(b) )
z Risk assessment and management
z Internal control (inc. internal audit)

Ethics and responsibility
z Professional values and ethics. This may be similar to questions on independence in
audit and assurance or may go beyond that to look at the wider obligations of
professional accountants (June 2008 exam, question 2)
z Ethical conflict resolution models (AAA and Tucker’s five questions) (2008/2009Study
Text question 9)
z Ethical Stances (particularly the Gray Owen Adams Model using 7 approaches to CSR)
z Ethics or corporate social responsibility (including sustainability). The questions in
this area have either been knowledge based for example in June 2008 recall a definition
of sustainable development. (December 2008 Q1 – the use of Tuckers model for ethical
decision making and question 4 deontology v teleology in the context of the use of child



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