Financial Risk Manager Handbook(金融风险管理手册)下载

Financial Risk Manager Handbook(金融风险管理手册)下载

based on globally accepted industry standards. Since 1997 more than 10,800 indi-
viduals have successfully completed the FRM Certi cation program, representing
over 3,000 companies. This annual exam is administered in over 70 locations

In 2006, GARP launched the GARP Digital Library (GDL) to provide convenient
access to highly recommended educational material and information on nancial
risk management covering all areas of risk management at all levels.
At the GDL website, users can purchase and immediately download electronic
copies of individual chapters from a wide variety of nance textbooks for as little
as $2.50. And, each reading offered in the GDL has been reviewed and selected
by our Editorial Committee of globally respected risk management academicians
and practitioners, so users can be con dent that the readings purchased are rec-
ommended by some of the best minds in risk management.
The GDL collection includes individual chapters of books from JohnWiley &
Sons, Risk Books,McGraw-Hill, Euromoney Books, Blackwell Publishing, Prince-
ton University Press, Addison-Wesley, Thomson South-Western, Bloomberg Press
and Longtail Publishing. The GDL will continue to build the library collection
to meet the needs of those interested in risk management, from the interested
executive to the curious student to the most senior quantitative researcher.



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