6月ACCA P7考试真题及答案

6月ACCA P7考试真题及答案

Advanced Audit and
Tuesday 2 June 2009

Section A – BOTH questions are compulsory and MUST be attempted
1 Champers Co operates a large number of restaurants throughout the country, which are operated under four well-
known brand names. The company’s strategy is to offer a variety of different dining experiences in restaurants situated
in city centres and residential areas, with the objective of maximising market share in a competitive business
environment. You are a senior audit manager in Carter & Co, a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants, and you are
planning the audit of the financial statements of Champers Co for the year ended 31 May 2009. Extracts from the
draft operating and financial review are shown below:
Key financial information
Business segments
The Happy Monkeys chain of restaurants provides family-friendly dining in an informal setting. Most of the restaurants
are located in residential areas. Each restaurant has a large children’s play area containing climbing frames and slides,
and offers a crèche facility, where parents may leave their children for up to two hours. Recently there has been some
media criticism of the quality of the child care offered in one crèche, because a child had fallen from a climbing frame
and was slightly injured. One of the Happy Monkeys restaurants was closed in December 2008 for three weeks
following a health and safety inspection which revealed some significant breaches in hygiene standards in the kitchen.
The Quick-bite chain offers fast-food. The restaurants are located next to busy roads, in shopping centres, and at
31 May 2009 31 May 2008
Draft Actual
$ million $ million
Company revenue 1,500 1,350
Revenue is derived from four restaurant chains, each having a
distinctive brand name:
Happy Monkeys family bistros 800 660
Quick-bite outlets 375 400
City Sizzler grills 300 290
Green George cafés 25 –
Company profit before tax 135 155
Company total assets 4,200 3,350
Company cash at bank 116 350



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