Monday 9 June 2008

(ii) Describe the claim of each of the four identified stakeholders. (4 marks)
(b) Describe a framework to assess the risks to the progress of the Giant Dam Project. Your answer should
include a diagram to represent the framework. (6 marks)
(c) Using information from the case, assess THREE risks to the Giant Dam Project. (9 marks)
(d) Prepare the statement for Mr Markovnikoff to read out at the AGM. The statement you construct should
contain the following.
(i) A definition and brief explanation of ‘sustainable development’; (3 marks)
(ii) An evaluation of the environmental and sustainability implications of the Giant Dam Project; (8 marks)
(iii) A statement on the importance of confidentiality in the financing of the early stage working capital needs
and an explanation of how this conflicts with the duty of transparency in matters of corporate
governance. (6 marks)
Professional marks for layout, logical flow and persuasiveness of the statement. (4 marks)
(e) Internal controls are very important in a complex civil engineering project such as the Giant Dam Project.
Describe the difficulties of maintaining sound internal controls in the Giant Dam Project created by working
through sub-contractors. (4 marks)
Section B – TWO questions ONLY to be attempted
2 It was the final day of a two-week-long audit of Van Buren Company, a longstanding client of Fillmore Pierce Auditors.
In the afternoon, Anne Hayes, a recently qualified accountant and member of the audit team, was following an audit
trail on some cash payments when she discovered what she described to the audit partner, Zachary Lincoln, as an
‘irregularity’. A large and material cash payment had been recorded with no recipient named. The corresponding
invoice was handwritten on a scrap of paper and the signature was illegible.
Zachary, the audit partner, was under pressure to finish the audit that afternoon. He advised Anne to seek an
explanation from Frank Monroe, the client’s finance director. Zachary told her that Van Buren was a longstanding client
of Fillmore Pierce and he would be surprised if there was anything unethical or illegal about the payment. He said
that he had personally been involved in the Van Buren audit for the last eight years and that it had always been
without incident. He also said that Frank Monroe was an old friend of his from university days and that he was certain
that he wouldn’t approve anything unethical or illegal. Zachary said that Fillmore Pierce had also done some
consultancy for Van Buren so it was a very important client that he didn’t want Anne to upset with unwelcome and
uncomfortable questioning.



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