ACCA F9历年试题大全(2002年-2008年)

ACCA F9历年试题大全(2002年-2008年)

包含(2002年-2008年)ACCA F9历年考试真题及答案,文件列表如下:

Financial Management
Thursday 5 June 2008

Time allowed
Reading and planning: 15 minutes
Writing: 3 hours
ALL FOUR questions are compulsory and MUST be attempted.
Formulae Sheet, Present Value and Annuity Tables are on
pages 6, 7 and 8.
Do NOT open this paper until instructed by the supervisor.
During reading and planning time only the question paper may
be annotated. You must NOT write in your answer booklet until
instructed by the supervisor.
This question paper must not be removed from the examination hall.

ALL FOUR questions are compulsory and MUST be attempted
1 Burse Co wishes to calculate its weighted average cost of capital and the following information relates to the company
at the current time:
Number of ordinary shares 20 million
Book value of 7% convertible debt $29 million
Book value of 8% bank loan $2 million
Market price of ordinary shares $5·50 per share
Market value of convertible debt $107·11 per $100 bond
Equity beta of Burse Co 1·2
Risk-free rate of return 4·7%
Equity risk premium 6·5%
Rate of taxation 30%
Burse Co expects share prices to rise in the future at an average rate of 6% per year. The convertible debt can be
redeemed at par in eight years’ time, or converted in six years’ time into 15 shares of Burse Co per $100 bond.
(a) Calculate the market value weighted average cost of capital of Burse Co. State clearly any assumptions that
you make. (12 marks)
(b) Discuss the circumstances under which the weighted average cost of capital can be used in investment
appraisal. (6 marks)
(c) Discuss whether the dividend growth model or the capital asset pricing model offers the better estimate of
the cost of equity of a company. (7 marks)

2 THP Co is planning to buy CRX Co, a company in the same business sector, and is considering paying cash for the
shares of the company. The cash would be raised by THP Co through a 1 for 3 rights issue at a 20% discount to its
current share price.
The purchase price of the 1 million issued shares of CRX Co would be equal to the rights issue funds raised, less
issue costs of $320,000. Earnings per share of CRX Co at the time of acquisition would be 44·8c per share. As a
result of acquiring CRX Co, THP Co expects to gain annual after-tax savings of $96,000.
THP Co maintains a payout ratio of 50% and earnings per share are currently 64c per share. Dividend growth of 5%
per year is expected for the foreseeable future and the company has a cost of equity of 12% per year.
Information from THP Co’s statement of financial position:



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