of a disbursement system are most likely
to be in confict with each other?
Obtaining timely information about I.
the status of disbursement accounts
Maintaining satisfactory vendor II.
Reducing the cost of administering III.
the disbursement system
Increasing disbursement foat IV.
(A) I and II (C) II and III
(B) I and IV (D) II and IV
A company can avoid reporting a negative 13.
cash balance on its balance sheet by:
Using overnight sweeps (A)
Using bank ledger balances (B)
Implementing controlled (C)
Combining cash and (D)
marketable securities
The risk resulting from an exporter 14.
selling on terms of net 60 days to an
importer with the invoice price in the
importer’s currency is an example of:
Economic exposure (A)
Translation exposure (B)
Spot exposure (C)
Transaction exposure (D)
A cash manager should use which of 15.
the following techniques to measure
the differences among cash fows with
different timings and amounts?
Present value calculations (A)
Yield curve analysis (B)
Internal rate of return (C)
Exponential smoothing (D)
Which of the following funds on deposit 16.
may be used to pay for bank services?
Float balance (A)
Ledger balance (B)
Reserve balance (C)
Collected balance (D)
A key issue for companies in complying 17.
with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is:
The cost of insuring the privacy (A)
of customer information
The cost of Section 404 compliance (B)
The cost of additional (C)
deposit insurance
The cost of additional (D)
key man insurance
A company’s use of deposit anticipation 18.
to initiate an EDT transfer is based on
the company’s:
Expected deposit (A)
availability at the bank
General ledger cash balance (B)
Deposit information from (C)
the deposit bank
Ledger balance in the (D)
concentration bank
Which of the following is true about the 19.
credit enhancement of commercial paper?
It permits weaker frms (A)
to issue dealer paper
It relies on uncommitted (B)
credit facilities
It expedites the registration (C)
of the issue with the SEC
It allows frms to replace direct (D)
paper with dealer paper
Geographical proximity should be taken 20.
into consideration when setting up all of
the following collection systems EXCEPT:
Over-the-counter (A)
Wire transfer (B)
Mailed payment (C)
Coin and currency (D)
All of the following are expected 21.
advantages of company operated
remittance processing centers EXCEPT:
The company will make availability (A)
cutoffs probably missed by
other collection alternatives
The company maintains total (B)
control over the collection process
Such facilities may be less costly (C)
to operate than bank lockboxes
Customer information may be (D)
updated in a timely fashion
A frm’s controlled disbursement 22.
account is funded with an ACH transfer.
On Tuesday the account’s opening
ledger balance is $2,000 and the
Federal Reserve cash letter presentment
is $1,600. If the frm wishes to restore
a $2,000 opening ledger balance for
Wednesday, it must make an ACH
transfer in which of the following
(A) $400 (C) $2,000
(B) $1,600 (D) $3,600
ABC Company is selecting an insurance 23.
provider and has assessed the provider’s
long-term solvency, credit ratings, and
cost. What additional item should ABC
evaluate prior to choosing this provider?
The provider’s insurance brokers (A)
The provider’s use of captive (B)
insurance companies
The provider’s loss control



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