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Planning to Implement Service Management Manual(英文原版)PDF

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The aim of this book is to give the reader key issues to be considered when planning for the implementation of IT Service Management. The book explains the steps required to implement or improve IT service provision. .
The book provides guidance on alignment of the business needs to IT. It enables the reader to assess if IT service provision is meeting the requirements of the business. Where the business requirements are not being met it details the steps necessary to ensure the IT service provision does meet the current and future needs of the business. ..
The aim therefore is to give practical guidance in evaluating the current maturity levels of Service Management and on implementing improvement to the processes. This book is one of a series issued as part of ITIL that documents industry best practice for the support and delivery of IT services. Although this book can be read in isolation, it is recommended that it be used in conjunction with the other ITIL books. Service Management is a generic concept and the guidance in the ITIL books is applicable generically. The guidance is also scaleable – applicable to both small and large organisations. It applies to distributed and centralised systems, whether in-house or supplied by third parties. It is neither bureaucratic nor unwieldy if implemented sensibly and in full recognition of the business needs of the organisation. …

1.1.2 Best practice framework
The IT Infrastructure Library documents industry best practice guidance. It has proved its value
from the very beginning. Initially, CCTA collected information on how various organisations
addressed Service Management, analysed this and filtered those issues that would prove useful
to CCTA and to its Customers in UK central government. Other organisations found that the
guidance was generally applicable and markets outside of government were very soon created
by the service industry.
Being a framework, ITIL describes the contours of organising Service Management. The models
show the goals, general activities, inputs and outputs of the various processes, which can be
incorporated within IT organisations. ITIL does not cast in stone every action you should do on a
day-to-day basis because that is something which will differ from organisation to organisation.
Instead it focuses on best practice that can be utilised in different ways according to need.
Thanks to this framework of proven best practices, the IT Infrastructure Library can be used
within organisations with existing methods and activities in Service Management. Using ITIL
doesn’t imply a completely new way of thinking and acting. It provides a framework in which to
place existing methods and activities in a structured context. By emphasising the relationships
between the processes, any lack of communication and co-operation between various IT
functions can be eliminated or minimised.
ITIL provides a proven method for planning common processes, roles and activities with
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Annex 4A: Sample Release document
A sample Release document follows, to act as a template for informing Customers of a new or
updated service being provided.
20 August 2000
Dear Customer,
Introduction of the New Service Desk At My Company Limited
My Company Ltd continually strives to improve the service it delivers to its customers. The IT
Services Department, providing internal support for business applications and equipment, is no
In order to understand more fully the services you require from us, we having undertaken a
study to identify specific IT needs. From this have emerged several major areas where you feel
improvement is required:
l general improvement in all areas of service provision
l provision of a single point of contact for all queries and problems
l to be kept informed of progress of problems you have encountered through

To support this change, we will also be introducing Service level agreements (SLAs). These are
contracts specifying agreed levels of service that your department requires for business-critical
activities. This will allow us to focus resource and costs more effectively and better identify areas
for improvement. These SLAs will be continually monitored and reviewed for effectiveness.
When one of your requests is resolved, we will ask you to let us know how well we performed.
This is your opportunity to state how you feel about the service and, most importantly, tell us
where you believe we need to improve – and just as important, when we are doing a ‘Good Job.’
The commencement date of the new service is scheduled for 1 October 2000. More details will
be given nearer the start date.
I am in no doubt that there will be operational difficulties to overcome, but with your support, I
am sure these will be resolved quickly. If in the meantime you have any questions regarding the
new service, please do not hesitate to contact me on ext. 3333.
Bill Smith
MCL Customer Services Manager
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