PMP认证考试模拟题库(PMP Exam Success Series: Exam Simulation Booklet)

PMP Exam Success Series: Exam Simulation Booklet

25.A Project Manager has been contacted by PMI to investigate a complaint against the company’s
newest PMP®. The Project Manager has been a mentor to this person and personally been
involved in their personal development. Which is the best answer to provide to PMI?
(A) The Project Manager must protect his manager
(B) The Project Manager must do what Senior Management has requested
(C) The Project Manager must cooperate with PMI
(D) The Project Manager must take 5th amendment to protect his manager and the company
26.As part of professional responsibility, a Project Manager must balance the Stakeholder’s
interests. A customer has requested a change in a project that is in the fourth pass at formal
acceptance. What should the Project Manager tell the customer?
(A) Tell the customer no because the project is about to close.
(B) Add the requested changes to the project
(C) Ask for a product description and provide the customer time and cost estimates
(D) Have Senior Management determine if it is necessary
27.Your project needs some multimedia software but the budget on the project doesn’t include this
software. You are having a drink after work with a friend from your dot-com career that has a lot
of different types of software that he has made copies of. He offers to make you a copy of this
software that you need. What is the best way to acquire the software?
(A) Order a copy from the company or an authorized reseller
(B) Take his copy and use it on your project
(C) Use a demo copy
(D) Download a copy from a file sharing system
28.The stadium expansion project is falling behind schedule. There has been confusion on the
project between the team and the Project Manager. There has been major rework occurring on
the first two phases. This will result in at least a two-month delay. In a meeting with the CEO,
the Project Manager is asked how the project is going. The CEO says that she had been speaking
to another Project Manager and heard that the project was going well. The Project Manager tells
the CEO what?
(A) Asks the CEO where they learned that about the project
(B) That there is a two month delay because of some rework on the project
(C) Confirms that the project is going well based on what the other Project Manager said
(D) That the update will be in the status report due at the end of the month
29.You have been contracted as a Project Manager to work on a project with highly confidential
information for a company involved in wireless encryption work. The company has requested
135/229PMP Exam Success Series: Exam Simulation Booklet
you do not divulge any information. What document will the company have you sign to ensure
that you keep any information discovered on the project confidential?
(A) Government Secret Clearance agreement
(B) Employment non-compete agreement
(C) Non-disclosure agreement
(D) Independent contract agreement
30.During a meeting you discover that a Project Manager has prepared a report that a project had a
CPI of 104. You also learn that the way the Project Manager was calculating earned value was
not correct and the project is behind schedule. What would be your professional responsibility
towards this Project Manager?
(A) Report the Project Manager to the sponsor
(B) Mentor the Project Manager on the correct way to calculate earned value
(C) Mentoring the Project Manager on the correct way to calculate earned value and review with
them what they are reporting
(D) Review with the Project Manager what they are reporting
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Professional and Social Responsibility Answer Key
1.You are a Project Manager who is involved in the procurement of police cars and security
equipment for the city government you work in. As negotiations begin between the city and the
vendor, you realize that your brother works for this company but in a different department. What
is your professional responsibility?
Correct Answer: (C) Remove yourself from the project.
Explanation: Remove yourself from the project. The Code of Conduct specifies that you must
disclose circumstances that could be construed as a conflict of interest or an appearance of
impropriety. Remaining on the project because he works in a different department, remaining on
the project but removing yourself from the negotiations, and remaining on the project but
helping another Project Manager negotiate the contract all give the appearance of impropriety.
2.You are the Project Manager on a project where $4M US will be spent on procuring telecom
equipment. As negotiations begin between your company and the vendor, you are approached by
the vendor’s sales representative who offers you a trip to Las Vegas if you can "help" the process
along by ensuring that the contract has accelerated payment terms compared to typical contracts.
What is your professional responsibility?
Correct Answer: (D) Decline the trip because it is not in the best interest of the company.
Explanation: According to professional responsibility, a Project Manager must refrain for
offering or accepting inappropriate payments, gifts, or other forms of compensation. Both
accepting the trip and declining the trip until after the contract has been signed break the PMI
Code of Conduct. Declining the trip and having it offered to your manager creates a conflict of
interest for your manager.
3.As a Project Manager, your first priority is to accomplish the work of the project. As a result of a
project being complete, you have the opportunity to help those on the project become more
educated on what worked well and what didn’t on the project. What is the best answer for
gaining this experience and knowledge?
Correct Answer: (A) Lessons Learned
Explanation: Lessons learned allow team members to understand what successes and failures
were encountered on the project, thereby helping the team grow and develop as it relates to
experience and knowledge of future projects. Historical Information is information from
previous projects. Assumptions and constraints are noise.
4.A Project Manager has been contracted by a company to manage the development of a software
business application. The Project Manager discovers that five of the software developers are
contractors and do not have legal software licenses. What should the Project Manager do in this
Correct Answer: (A) Report this to the company’s Senior Management
Explanation: It is Senior Management’s responsibility to provide correct number of software
licenses for the contractors, or require them to have proper licensing. Reporting this to PMI,
filling out a Software Piracy Report, and calling the software vendor are noise.
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5.You have been helping a senior Project Manager at your company to become a Project
Management Professional, and you are aware that this manager has met the requirements by
falsifying the number of Project Management training hours on the PMP application. He knows
that you are aware of this and lets you know that your future at the company will be negatively
impacted if you don’t keep this a secret and support him. As a Project Management Professional,
what are you required to do?
Correct Answer: (D) Report this activity to PMI for corrective action
Explanation: You are required to report possible violation of the PMP Code of Conduct. Ignoring
this because the manager is the senior Project Manager at your company would put you in
violation of the Code of Conduct. Reporting this discrepancy to the area’s PMI chapter and to
Senior Management are not correct procedures in reporting this infraction.
6.You are a Project Manager managing the building of a housing development. As the plumbing is
being installed, you cannot find a building permit. As the Project Manager, to whom do you
report this violation?
Correct Answer: (A) The local city authority
Explanation: Most city governments are responsible for issuing building permits. The local
county and state authorities handle issues for different jurisdictions. The construction company
has no jurisdiction over building permits.
7.In evaluating your Internet upgrade project, you would use which of the following first to
determine if the project should continue?
Correct Answer: (A) Why is the project being done or what is the business need?
8.You are a Project Manager at a utility company. You have successfully completed the work on a
substation project. As part of professional responsibility as a Project Manager, you should:
Correct Answer: (A) Help team members gain knowledge and experience in Project
Explanation: Helping team members gain knowledge and experience in Project Management is
important for the advancement of the profession. Having a party celebrating the successful
completion of the project, thanking each member for their contribution, and creating a letter of
recommendation for each for their personal file are team-building activities and rewards.
9.Your project needs a database software program. The client has given you this project to test your
ability to deliver. It doesn’t pay that much, but if you do well, you may get more projects from
the client worth more money. Your budget on the project doesn’t allow you the money to buy
this software. What is the best way to acquire the software?
Correct Answer: (B) Order a copy from the company or an authorized reseller.
Explanation: Software that is created by someone else should be purchased and the license terms
and conditions followed. That often includes defining how copies, demo copies, and file sharing
systems are to be used with the software.
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