CFA三级写作班讲义-Morning Session写作技巧讲座下载

CFA三级写作班讲义-Morning Session写作技巧讲座下载

Essay writing in level 3
Essay writing in CFA level 3
Introduction to essay writing
Individual IPS writing
Institution IPS writing
Beyond the IPS writing
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Introduction to essay writing
Topic Area Weights for
the CFA Exam for
Level Ⅲ
Part 3
Ethical and Professional Standards
Part 2
Fixed Income Analysis
Equity Investments
Alternative Investments
Derivative Investments
Risk Management
Part 1
Behavioral Finance
Individual Portfolio IPS
Institutional Portfolio IPS
Asset Allocation
Monitoring & rebalancing
Evaluation & attribution
Management and
Wealth Planning
Ethical and
Standards (total)

Investor 2’s IPS – 8
3. Tax
They held a large portion of low basis stock-
Rebalancing the portfolio will create a tax liability
Their tax treatments of income and capital are different, so they prefer -to –
4. Regulations
The -need a legal counsel to create a trust to –
Post retirement, they are still firm’s insider, they need follow the disclosure requirement
5. Unique
As the property will be donated, so it is not included in the total asset base
The – say they do not want to invest in –
The -want to donate – to local charity
Investment constraints –