ACCA P3冲刺讲义-PPT讲座下载

ACCA P3冲刺讲义-PPT讲座下载

Opening Speech

An unique and interesting course
characteristics of the examination
Narrative (English writing skill)
Analytic (no right answer)
Exam skills: theory plus imagination
points plus example

Strategic process
In General
Levels of strategy
Process, content of strategy
Design, experience, idea of strategy

Linkage with other models: culture, mission & objective
Environmental Scanning suitability analysis

PESTEL analysis
Porter’s diamond
The five forces model
Market Mix
Market Segments

Political (Legal) factor : mandatory
Economy factor: adapting
Social factor: adapting and leading
Technology factor: using & compensate when lack
Environmental protection: social trends and responsibility

Macro environment analysis, rarely used isolated, unless required.

Overlapping among factors
Vary due to regional change: national/global

Linkage with other models: stakeholder mapping, SWOT,



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